In the development process of Vietnam industry , to complete the products and hot-dipped galvanized is indispensable for durable products
 In the development process of Vietnam industry , to complete the products and hot-dipped galvanized is indispensable for durable products

Hot dipped galvanized is one industry indispensable to the existence of the product durable . Hot dipped galvanized into applications is increasingly powerful in the backbone industries of Vietnam industry , a number of product areas and the use of hot-dip galvanizing technology advanced :

1 . During mechanical engineering : mechanical products are hot-dip galvanized prior to market

2 . During field communication - TV

3 . During the construction sector and manufacturing


To meet the great demand of the market, Phuong Tuan processed for hot-dip galvanized steel structure industry with new galvanized technology , product quality assurance of the best customers , reach a highest life.

Hot-dip galvanized is a surface protection technology by coverd a thin layer of zinc on the surface of  metal method. This zinc layer is formed over the metal embedded in molten zinc tank. This is the method of creating surface rust popular and best today. During the galvanizing process, the metal alloy is cooked with substrate. So Zinc layer will not break off like the paint, creating permanent protective coating for substrates.

Hot-dip gavalnized technology was introduced first on 1742 by a France chemists, MELOUIN, the first time presented at the Academy of France. Over time, along with the development of the world, Hot-dip galvanizing industry advancements constantly increasing in quality as well as the aesthetics of the product. This method has been most widely used in all sectors of the economy such as construction, power transmission, transportation, paper mills, chemical plants, oil and gas drilling ...


In Vietnam, 1989, new technology hot dip gavalnized was begun research into production and was boosted when deploying build 500kV transmission lines for the North and South for  industrialization and modernization of the country. Corresponding material and hot dip gavalnized technology has been applied at the right time, meet the corrosion resistance requirements, and improve the quality of life and safety of structural steel works.


Subject to the application mainly works with large steel structures such as oil rigs, steel girder, structural steel columns high,  hull .. .


After more than 250 years of life, and over 150 years of development, hot dipped galvanized proved to be successful in history as the first commercial anti-corrosion method optimization.


Why choose hot dip gavalnized?



With the advantages of surface protective coating, hot-dip galvanized showing the useful value. Hot dip gavalnized technology  to ensure the quality of structural steel works built in the period of industrialization and modernization of the country.


- Create a protective layer of metal structures in the ambient air, sea, and industrial gas ....

- Recovery abrasion details: refresh product surface when the impact of environmental factors.

- Create durable anti-corrosion layer on the new details.

- Create decorative layer on layer of plastic, wood ...

- The most popular is still the zinc layer, corrosion resistant aluminum in various conditions


At the same time, hot-dip galvanized to give advantages properties to product that without any kind of surface protection can compare:


- With most of the steel market, galvanized bring economic value in the long time. In a some cases, the initial cost of galvanizing is also the least.

- Cover zinc surface becomes a part of the layer steel that it protects.

- Galvanized products have superior durability, anti-type collisions during transport and use (due to self-healing ability of zinc metal).

- With the principle of cathodic protection (cathodic protection), galvanized ensure that the area exposed to the corrosive environment will be protected by zin covered around.

- Galvanized standard minimum coating thickness.

- Steel are completely embedded in molten zinc tanks.Therefore, inside and outside surface of products can coating a zinc cover at the same time.

- Galvanizing can be applied to so many different items, from the screw to the big structures such as tubes, I-girder ...

- The mechanical properties of steel are not affected by galvanized.

- Galvanized when combined with a coat of paint will make a outstanding economic efficiency for the protection of steel in highly corrosive environments. This combination gives better results when they are used alone.