Phuong Tuan hot-dip galvanized

Phuong Tuan hot-dip galvanized
Introduction hot dip galvanized Phuong Tuan
Hot dip galvanizing factory capacity of 60,000 tons / year to use equipment and technology in Europe friendly environment.
Bath size: 12.7 m long, 1.8 m wide, 2.6 m deep is one of the largest bath Vietnam now has the ability plated large structures according to international standards such as AS / NZS (Australia), ASTM (USA), ...
With the advantage of combining pipe rolling mill, mechanical and hot-dip galvanizing bath in the same place with the largest size Vietnam will contribute to reducing the cost of increasing the competitiveness of products.
Combining modern machinery, advanced technology in Europe and production processes comply with strict quality control system ISO 9001: 2008 organization by Intertek (US) certification, the products Tuan Phuong and services to meet the rigorous demands of the quality of the national key projects and exported to the advanced countries such as Japan, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, ...