General introduction

 - Name of business: Mien Trung consulting & survey design Co., Ltd.

- Head office: 729 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 9, Tuy Hoa City, Phu Yen.

- Phone: 0573847240, 0913400391, Fax: 0573847240

- Certificate of Business registration number: 4400370475 by Department of Planning and Investment on 11/21/2005.

- Addition: 5 Registration changing times; 19/12/2011

- The registration of cartography number 06 effective from 01/11/2006 by the Department of Natural Resources and Environment certification.

- Operating Licence cartography number: 431 measured by the Survey and Mapping Department - Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment dated 03/03/2008


Continuous investment, applying advanced technology in survey design to ensure quality consulting services always meet the increasingly stringent requirements of customers in the context of regional economic integration and international ;

- In the topographic survey , the Company has applied the global positioning system , GPS -equipped meter and electronic total station , fully active GPS measurement , line 2 . With technological lines continuum , the survey data in the field is transmitted over the Internet to the central processor , operates on dedicated software for survey design lines , large bridge design , basement ;

- Geological survey , hydrographic survey : Unit has invested more drilling equipment surveys modern works , can meet the requirements of drilling on land and underwater . Laboratory Corporation has been recognized with several national standard LAS - XD775 ;

- Designing bridges and tunnels : Central Consulting has been applying technology NATM tunnel design , and software design requirements such as : RM7 , RM2000 Republic of Austria ;

- Road Design : The company has put on the line as TOPO software , NOVA TDN , SOFTDESK . The application of modern software to minimize errors , and accelerate , enhance productivity , quality , skill and art works undertaken by the survey unit design .

 * More about Enterprise:

Mien Trung consulting & survey design Co., Ltd  was founded November 21, 2005.


With 10 years of construction and development, the company has been gradually dominate the market in Central Highlands by the motto for serving all customers.


Company consider quality and customer satisfaction is the foundation for the sustainable development of the Company. With its quality, the company hopes customers think is one of the reputed consulting firm leading in Vietnam and the region.


The implementation of the policy measures of quality:

1 . Develop , implement , maintain and continually improve the management system based on the international standard ISO 9000 .

2 . Constantly capacity building training in all aspects of staff and workers , paying special attention to the development team of experts , specialized career , considered as one of the key conditions to ensure a good quality product .

3 . Constantly equipment investment , improve production technology to improve productivity and product quality .

4 . Constantly improve the working environment for everyone in the company can unleash abilities and his intellect to the sustainable development goals of the company .

5 . Makes for each member of the Company understands that the quality of a product depends on the quality of the work of everyone .

·      Scope of activities:

- Surveying, investment projects , founding estimate for the construction .

- Prepare bidding documents , analyzing and evaluating bids .

- Design all kinds of traffic : roads, bridges and works on motorways .

- The construction and civil .

- Design works of all kinds of power : power plants , transmission lines , substations .

- Structural design of civil and industrial .

- Verification of the technical design and total estimated cost of construction .

- Survey design works of all kinds : geology , hydrogeology .

- Consultant for road works ( Rural Roads ) .

- Measuring cadastral survey map .

- Surveying , project planning, technical design - construction cost estimate Geodesy and Cartography .

- Check the quality of the product Geodesy and Cartography .

- Measuring , drawing and making topographic maps of 1/ 200, 1/500 to 1/5000 .

- Measuring, drawing and cadastral mapping basis .

- Measuring, drawing and cadastral mapping the scale of 1/ 200, 1/5000 , ... , 1/10000 .

- Measuring, drawing and mapping the level administrative boundaries .

- Develop database of Surveying and Mapping