- Structural steel girders for local traffic designed by Decision No. 2391 of the Ministry of Transport KHDT-9/96.


- The department primarily as cross beams Democratic Revolution combined with the automatic welding of steel 16Mn equivalent (52 Mn TCVN 1765-75) 15XCHD, SM520B, 350L15 ... Other parts as vertical integration system lower railing from carbon steel flange wheels sure CT3 (CT3 TCVN 1765-75). Linking the Democratic Revolution together by bolts 56 key non-low-alloy steel, C45 (CT52 TCVN 1765-75). For these types of customers associated with high intensity bolts.


- KCS automatic weld inspection 100% factory length by ultrasound.


- Protection against leaks for the entire structure by means of galvanized coating or, depending on the requirements of all projects.


- After installation location may need to BT resin coating on steel 3cm thick