Advantages and disadvantages of steel truss bridge

Advantages and disadvantages of steel truss bridge
Advantages and disadvantages of steel truss bridge
 +) Advantages:
- Seamless is the only bar interconnected by two joints at both ends of the bar, so the only sound in the orchestra under axial force. Therefore, the large span bridge frame material savings over bridge girders.
- The bars are lightweight frame, thereby reducing static downloaded abutments, leading to the foundation does not require high beam bridge.
- Bearing capacity of bridges across better than frame girder bridge windshield due to the fact the area is smaller than the distance of two democratic big heart.
- Bridge orchestra can have beautiful shape, ensuring aesthetic requirements.
- The sound of steel bridge frame is shaped, can produce a series of workshops to ensure rapid progress of construction, the construction is not complicated.
- Crossing the large span, high industrial properties, the link between the rich components (welding, bolts, rivets, ...), the construction of at ambient influences, can ensure the aesthetic requirements
+) Cons:
- Length of rhythm quite large orchestra sound so much maintenance work is very complex. Cash paint for rust on the bridge after bridge put to use as a burden to the contractor.
- Structure of the complex, especially in the joints between the longitudinal beams and cross beams, beam and democracy, or the connections between the radio orchestra ...
- Because there are so many of the orchestra, the sound system and audio links on port cranes large to ensure good vision, a vision for the two parties is limited.
- The issue of stability and fatigue staging requirements are set higher than that of other players, especially with the regular work load on auto sales.
- Occupy the space, difficulty in viecson repair and maintenance, prone to erosion by weather conditions: temperature, humidity ...
-Scope Of application: railway bridge, overpass ... valley, river
-About Structure: the form of parallel border, border parabola, polygons
Main bearing point: the internal resources of the orchestra sound only axial force (pull, compression, can have a place with no bending moments are significant),
-The Construction technology: easy installation cranes, mainly using technology workers pulled along the steel truss bridge .......