Half crane

Half crane
Half crane BMH
Sell crane product line standards
The lifting capacity of 5 to 100 tons
Lifting Height 6 to 12m
Voltage 3-Phase, 380V / 50Hz
Working mode A3 ~ A7
Manufacturing firms KGCRANE, HYUNDAI - South Korea, ZKCRANE - China, VNID - VN
Details Buy crane BMH
Sell crane product line is used outdoors or indoors load changes from 5-100 tons. Designed to run on one rail system fixed on the ground and first column ray on premises, with the normal working mode. High working speed, work environment temperature 10 - 60 degrees C. I can Vehicles equipped with standard hook, hanger specialized equipment or system tray from.
Workspace of the machine:
Located in limited movement of cars and semi-portal.
Steel mill, rolling mill, warehouse of finished steel rolling mills, shipyards, factories structural precast concrete, granite factory ...