Company`s business fields

Company's business fields
 * Steel structure for construction

-          Pre-engineered steel building, industrial steel structure

-          Bridge crane, with capacity from 500kg to 50 tons

-          Supply plate steel, shaped steel, steel pipe as required

-          Supply tole, purlin, lighting column, steel formwork


* Road furniture

-          Guardrail, bridge parapet, reflective road sign …

-          Supply material, equipment and construct road marking by reflective thermo-plastic technology.

-          Deliver traffic safety products: convex mirror, reflective road stud…


* Hot Dip Galvanized steel structure with new technologies to increase the durability of the steel structure


* Construction investment consultancy & Construct traffic, hydraulic, civil & industrial works.


* Test and verify technical norms of construction materials and construct traffic, hydraulic, civil & industrial works.


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