Hot-dip gavalnized guardrail

Hot-dip gavalnized guardrail
Nowadays, specialized transportation departments are actively install guardrail system at the accident occurs black point location, or curves road , pass with in an effort to reduce the number of deaths and casualties
 With his performance, the guardrail will prevent the vehicle beyond the scope of the road and plays an important role in saving lives when accidents happen.


       Phuong Tuan specializing in manufacturing and installing guardrail and related accessories. We always provide products of high quality guardrail that was accepted by the domestic and international consulting.


       Our guardrail product is many kind of shapes, standard length, or according to the design requirements of customers. Production materials are imported from abroad or famous joint venture companies in the country.


      Guardrail product is produced on modern machinery, from the stage of crop, merge, punched ... to ensure the accuracy and the ability to assemble with ease and convenience.



      Standard length of guardrail: 2.32 m; 3.32 m; 4.14 m; 4.32 m. Products are hot-dipped galvanized quality galvanized according to ASTM A-123 or painted white with red paint under the dedicated traffic 22TCN 237-01 standard


      Guardrail products produced by Tuan Phuong satisfy the following criteria: Standard AASHTO M 180 and 22TCN 237-01.