Guard rail Description

Guard rail Description
Guardrail or corrugated iron is often used in the common road traffic accidents to reduce the severity of collisions on the guardrail

When he was a powerful force on the guardrail absorption effects directly impact forces and convert that energy to the foot poles which buried deep underground in concrete.

There are four types of guardrail ranging from weakest to strongest and most inexpensive and expensive; Cable and supported by wooden columns, steel columns supporting steel half and half timber, box steel, concrete barriers. Cheapest weak railing usually destroyed from the impact of a lightweight car is inexpensive and quick to fix them, so this kind are often used in rural areas of low traffic.

On the other hand, the concrete barriers can withstand the direct impact of the number of heavy vehicles like trucks, making them suitable for the traffic volume roads such as motorways, rarely damaged , concrete barriers will be more expensive and take more time to repair. Concrete Fences are usually placed in the center of the road, is expected to withstand frequent impact of both sides, while the shoulder of the road are usually cheaper railing as corridor walls such software