New three beam guard rail

New three beam guard rail
New three beam guard rail
 To reduce accidents in the curves, the high, steep mountain pass. Limit vehicle and off the roadway when the accident, our company has invested modern mechanical systems, synchronous and fully automatic production of sheet they spread two software with full size size and length of 2.32 m, 3.32 m, 4.14 m, 4.32 m with accessories such as support of all shapes such as square column, U, or circular box and bolts buffer.


Three wave guardrail wall is a first innovation of all national


The company is always at the forefront of traffic safety products and equipment and structural engineering service company built soft rolling mutual investment three first waves across the country, meet the safetybetter in the highway, where the lower corrugated wall.


Advantages of wave three than households spread two waves:


- Saving lead to energy saving materials and household economy than two wave:

On the curve, high, steep mountain pass, you need to mount 2 sheets of new wave two, enough to meet the traffic safety conditions, while, wave three households can substitute 2 sheets of households spread two waves, this will save installation time, money and effort but equally effective.


- Create a sense of security for pedestrians more:

Households spread sheet three waves to be easier to make the traffic participants feel better shielding further wave two households save more material so the support is not a burden greater volume so rigid more, this is a good premise to be able to prevent dangerous accidents on the high road, dangerous slope Pass.


Phuong Tuan has invested latest three wave guardrail mill


Wall corrugated households spread of the Local Tuan hot dip galvanized with new technology so galvanized ensure quality absolutely beautiful, shiny ... wave plate to the accessories.


New wave 3 plates and hot-dip galvanized fittings ensure bright with the highest durability