Types of lighting poles

Types of  lighting  poles
The types of lighting poles and technical requirements
 I/ Lighting poles of companies with common types follows:

- Circular steel columns taper

1. Steel column on cast iron base DP01

2. Steel column on cast iron base DP09

3. Circular steel columns taper TC...- 78 sigle arm

4. Circular steel columns taper TC...- 78 double arm

5. Steel column on cast iron base DP05 – double arm

- Circular steel columns taper with single arm

1. Octagonal poles taper  BG..-78 single arm

2. Octagonal poles taper BG..-78 single arm

3. Octagonal poles taper with single arm

- Lifting lights gantry column

- Power transform column


II/ Technical requirements of lighting poles:


1. Lighting poles in this catalog are designed to withstand calculated wind speeds up to 45m / s (equivalent 125daN/m2 the wind pressure). Form factor, terrain and other factors statistically equal to 1. Regard to the wind and terrain, the column will be tailored according to customer requirements.

2. Designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS 5649 standards, TR7. The poles was calculated with the aid designed by dedicated software calculated column of U.S.

3. Materials used for lightings pole in accordance with JIS 3101, JIS 3106.

4. Automatic welding vertical columns of CO2 shielding gas environment, in accordance with BS 5135 standard, AWS D1.1

5. Under body column immediately 12m built, not welded horizontal stems.

6. Hot dip gavalnized poles in accordance with BS 729, ASTM A 123. Minimum coating thickness on one side is 65um (450g/m2) steel plate with a thickness of 3 to 5 mm 

The block size is the only concrete foundation column reference parameters, calculated for pit soil pressure> = 2bar. When erecting at specific locations, will have to calculate the size foundation and soil suitable for areas where standard wind installations.