Phuong Tuan PEB

Phuong Tuan PEB
Pre-engineered steel buildings, Steel buildings

Price and Quality:

      With the improvement of technology to enhance production capacity and apply the quality management process ISO: 9001: 2008, Phuong Tuan pre-engineered steel building products have the most competitive price with best quality to satisfy all requirements of customers.



      Before and after sales, our company always serve the requirements of your customers from the stage of consulting, design, quotation, installation and after sales service. During contract performance, always the salesman and engineer for consulting and installation of steel building quality and schedule. Also offers products after your customers if requested expanded company will send technicians to the work place.  


Application of pre-engineered steel buildings:      

Phuong Tuan pre-engineered steel building product can be widely used as assembly plants, warehouse, supermarket, showroom, farm house roof ... Advantages of steel buildings is assembly Tuan Phuong quickly put in just a few weeks the customer base for production and business activities and quickly dismantled for installation elsewhere if needs change.


A number of prominent international contractors and designers, who previously specified conventional structural steel buildings exclusively, have now converted and became genuinely advocated to Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings. Today, the applications for Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings range from car parking sheds to 90 m (+) clear span aircraft hangars, and multi story buildings.

          Some of the most common applications are:














 Animal Confinements



 Distribution Centers




 Bulk Storages



 Supermarkets/ Hypermarkets


 Training Centers



 Cold Stores




 Conference Halls


 Poultry Buildings







 Fertilizer Plants

 Assembly Plants


 Shopping Centers


 Mosques / Churches


 Dairy Farms



 Commercial Complexes







 Exhibition Halls




 Aircraft Hangars

 Pump Stations


 Petrol Stations


 Theaters/ Auditoriums


 Aircraft Terminals

 Utility Shelters


 Multi-purpose Buildings


 Swimming Pool Enclosures





 Logistic Centers


 Sport Centers





 Power Stations




 Detention Camps