Pre-steel engineer Description

Pre-steel engineer Description
Pre-steel engineer Description
 Pre-Engineered Steel Building consists of following parts:
  • Primary framings (columns and rafters) are  built-up sections
  • Secondary structural members (roof purlins, eave struts and wall girts)  “Z” and “C” shaped members  
  • Roof and wall panels


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Pre-engineered steel buildings are made ​​available at the request of architecture and engineering

Pre-engineered steel buildings typically includes the following 3 components:

+ The main frame (columns and rafter) is the combination of components section "I", there is a constant height or beveled section.

+ Secondary structural components (purlins, eave struts and wall beams) is the mild steel cold-formed letter "Z" and "C" or Joist

+ Shaped by rolling steel plate (roof and walls)


All major structural components and secondary are cutting, punching, drilling, welding and form a front in the factory before being delivered to the work. The quality of the components always guaranteed because the complete manufacturing factory standards and strict checking. At the site, the prefabricated components at the factort will be linked together by bolts. 


The material savings in the region of the bearing at the main frame Steel Buildings has helped more economical than the normal steel, especially the low-rise building with a width less than 60m and less than 30m eave height. Moreover, pre-engineered steel building system using only the links already available design and materials have been determined to design and manufacture the structures. Thus, it significantly reduces design time, manufacturing and erection.


Pre-engineered steel buildings can be fitted with various accessories such structural mezzanine floor, flat floor crane girders on the roof, overhead lines and other accessories such as cornices, valances and roof bulkhead. Good waterproof steel buildings using standing seam roof systems, components and roof edging drainage. This is a system extremely flexible, allowing the equipment in order to meet all functional and decorative exterior designed to meet beautiful architecture. The main reason is that steel buildings are the ideal type for use in factories, warehouses, galleries, supermarkets ....



      Our company has a team of engineers many years of experience in the field of pre-engineered steel buildings design and application of computational programs latest software. Our free design consultancy solutions for the optimal choice of pre-engineered steel building until you feel satisfied customers.




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