Phuong Tuan Carboncor Asphalt

Phuong Tuan Carboncor Asphalt
Phuong Tuan Carboncor have 2 types: packed and bulk products
The properties of materials Asphalt Carboncor Phuogn Tuan

- Asphalt Carboncor totally not use heat. Therefore, without time limit, from production to use.

- Asphalt Carboncor not require bond coat (or absorbent stick) the same as for the other common materials.

- Water is used as a tack coat irrigated wet surface before applying.

- Asphalt Carboncor not be melted under the hot weather as any other conventional plastics.

- Asphalt Carboncor insensitive by external conditions. The introduction of this product in construction can be done well at low temperatures (below 5 ° C) as well as in many high (above 50 ° C).

- Sugar can put to use immediately after being lu flat. But the road with high traffic density or tonnage or at the intersections are used after 4-8 hours, depending on weather and humidity of the material.

- The product is not dangerous and harmful to the environment.

- Leverage and solve large narrowly coal (coal garbage).

- The rate is almost no loss.

- Easy in the way of construction.

- The cost significantly lower than conventional technologies.

- The product can be stored for 12 months if sealed and cool storage place.

- If the product has dropped out of the packaging, can be used within 1 month if covered, not exposed to sunlight. When used, rejected material layer on top, then 1 less water and irrigation are full before putting into use.

- If excess material is packed in sealed again immediately after a few hours, it still can be used within 12 months.
- The product is not consumed in the process of storage.
Carboncor Asphalt is used:
- Making road
- Maintenance of the road surface has deteriorated
- Fix the potholes


- Carboncor Asphalt can be washed with water when the stick arms and legs, the means and tools to work. Also Carboncor Asphalt can also washed with solvents such as is used with conventional asphalt.