7887:2008 Vietnamese Standard

7887:2008 Vietnamese Standard
Retroreflective sheeting for traffic control
 1. Scope of application

This standard prescribes the specifications and test methods applied to flexible reflective membrane material used for road signs.

2. Documents cited

The following reference materials are needed for the application of this standard. For documents cited year of publication, the edition cited applies. For cited documents not recorded in the publication shall be governed by the latest version, including amendments (if any).

TCVN 2101 Paints - Methods for determination of the membrane

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3. Terminology, definitions

 In the standard application of the following terms


Reflective film (retroreflective sheeting)

Thin, flat, soft, transparent, glass particles as a lens or prism, having features reflective evenly on the entire surface. Reflective membrane on the back of the adhesive is coated available to bind to the plate match road signs. Reflective membrane structure is detailed in Figure 1


Figure 1 - The construction of a reflective membrane


Reflective (reflection)

Light reflex phenomenon, in which the reflected rays nearly coincides with the direction of projection of the beam to the original features are maintained when changing the projection direction of the original beam.


Reflection coefficient (retroreflection coefficient)

The ratio of the coefficient of luminous intensity of a reflector light on the area of ​​the face. Reflection coefficient denoted by Candelas on lux per square meter (cd.lx-1.m-2).


Luminous intensity coefficient (coefficient of luminous intensity)

The ratio of the brightness of the surface is viewed from a specific location (the lighting in a certain way) and the brightness of the diffuse reflection coated surface (viewed from a similar position).


Axis lighting (illumination axis)

Axis between the light-emitting material and the center of the test surface ... (Cited in TCVN 7887:2008)

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