Convex mirror

Convex mirror
Convex mirror size D800, D1000, origin Malaysia or Korea. New 100% original.
 Convex mirror, mirror mirror ankle or diverge, the mirror surface is part of the sphere and the surface reflectance curve toward the light source. Convex mirror reflection of light to diverge so it can not be used to focus light.
Convex mirror always gives us a virtual image, and smaller objects in the same direction as the focal point (F) and the center of the mirror (O) are located "inside" the reflective surface. Photo greater if the character set as close to the surface reflection and forward approximately equal stimulation of the animals closer objects reflecting surface.
Market convex mirror broader market of flat mirror of the same size.
Convex mirror can make a beam of parallel light beam reflecting divergent, convergent beam from the beam reflecting divergent or parallel.
Convex mirror is used as a rear-view mirrors for cars and motorcycles, as an example to observe road, usually placed at the corners to control the vehicle through which can be observed and avoid other vehicles . Also be used in automated teller machines (ATMs) give the teller can observe relatively behind....